Faith resources available on FORMED

Our parishes have purchased a gift for you! Enjoy a free subscription to formed.org—an incredible online gateway to the best Catholic content, all in one place!

With FORMED, you can:

  • Prepare for Sunday Mass by watching an insightful five-minute video by renowned Catholic teachers
  • Enjoy a movie with your family that is both nourishing and entertaining
  • Enrich your marriage with the award-winning video series Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage
  • Help your children grow in character and embrace the beauty and wonder of the Faith


“Be a friend. Be a friend of Jesus. Make friends for Jesus.” -Bishop Zubik

Opportunity is everywhere to “be a friend, be a friend of Jesus, and make friends for Jesus,” as Bishop Zubik says. Evangelization is about friendship and accompaniment.

The Brookline-Beechview Catholic Church Cluster seeks to be a welcoming community for all. Our parishes are full of faithful and close-knit people.  We are generous with our time, talent, and treasure and we work to help each other.

Our parishes have:

  • Dedicated priests, deacons, lay ministers, and staff who love the Lord and love the people they are called to serve. They work tirelessly to serve in whatever ways are asked or required.
  • Established parishioners who have worshiped at St. Catherine of Siena, Resurrection, St. Pius X, and Our Lady of Loreto for years, and in many cases, generations. They have built and maintained ministries that serve our parishes and our communities.
  • A growing young adult population that is passionate about living the faith and seeks ways to create community. They are stepping into leadership roles and creating and implementing ideas for the future of the Church.
  • Have a growing Hispanic and Latino population that allows us to be a shared parish. They bless us with deep faith and vibrant worship. Their stories connect us to our past – we remember that many of our established parishioners were members of immigrant families. We seek to inspire the world by building understanding and unity in the love of God.
  • Have the benefit of being located in two of Pittsburgh’s communities that have large youth populations. The youth contribute their gifts, give us opportunities to pass on the faith, and call us to greater discipleship.

We are encouraged about the future of the Church and know that our diversity is strength and a reason for hope. We are challenged and encouraged.

Diocesan resource: http://churchevangelizing.com/

To see upcoming events, visit the 4-Parish Calendar or News pages.

Want to talk? Have ideas? Contact Bridgette, the director of evangelization, at bgkennedyriske@gmail.com or other staff via the Contact Us page.